Dating in College


Dating in college can be very tricky. While balancing a serious relationship, you are expected to manage your academic and social responsibilities. Here are five tips for dating in college that have helped me maintain a successful relationship while making the best out of my college experience.

  1. Do not PLAN

    A few months into my first semester at Penn State, I found my boyfriend who lives six hours away from my hometown. It was very difficult to avoid worrying about the potential issues that would stem from traveling long distances to see each other. As a result, I attempted to plan every school holiday, so that distance would not affect our relationship. The lesson I learned from planning is that nothing will hurt your relationship unless you allow it to.

    Time will tell how your relationship will overcome foreseeable obstacles. You do not want to add unwanted stress by trying to prevent natural issues from disturbing your relationship. While it is difficult to go with the flow of things, the positive aspects of your relationship deserve the attention that you may be giving to the problems that will solve themselves in the long run.

  2. make time for yourself

    Once you are in the beginning stages of dating somebody, it is easy to get too caught up. You will start thinking about your significant other throughout the day, wishing you were with them at all times. It also becomes easier to include your partner into your daily routine when you live on the same campus. It is not a bad thing to want your girlfriend or boyfriend’s company but as young college students, it is important to remember that you both have separative lives outside of your relationship. You do not want to overwhelm your partner with too much time together and fewer time a part.

  3. do not isolate yourself from friends & family

    Your significant other is one of the people who you feel most comfortable with. It may seem like your friends and family can be replaced but it is just not true. Your social life should not drastically change once you start dating somebody. If you are starting to see a separation in your friendships, you should ensure that you catch up with your friends and family from time to time. In a case where you and your partner go in your separate ways, you do not want to regret neglecting your loved ones who were with you before your relationship.

  4. do not be the distraction

    You may have been advised from family and friends to avoid a serious relationship during your college years. This mentality stems from many cases where couples become complacent and neglect their responsibilities. To prevent this from damaging your relationship, you should be aware of your partner’s academic and social endeavors. For example, if you are aware that your boyfriend or girlfriend can be distracted easily but hopes to maintain a high GPA at the end of the semester, you can shift environments from the dorm room to the library, so that you do not distract each other from being productive. Many college relationships fail because they are a “distraction” but it only takes a mutual understanding of each other’s obligations.

  5. do not try to be the “perfect couple”

    Last but not least, there is no such thing as a perfect couple! You will go through change and development while you are in college. If you choose to experience these changes with somebody you love, a few conflicts may surface but that does not mean your relationship is of lesser value or importance. It is all worth it if you are happy.

Rebecca SimpsonComment