Rico Nasty + Kenny Beat's "Anger Management"

Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats’ new album “Anger Management” is a compilation of nine thrilling songs, all produced by Kenny Beats. Filled with mostly upbeat tempos and hard basslines, this album feels exactly like “anger management.” The first song “Cold” sets the tone for the intensity of the album.

My favorite lines of “Cold” are in the bridge:

“She can try but she don't compete
When I pull up, you know it's me
Ain't none of these bitches cold as me
Cross you just like a rosary
Sauced up, I got a bowl on me
These VVS', these ain't see-through
You talking tough then you get beat
Fuck a cop, you copped a plea”

“Cheat Code” is very similar to “Cold” in the sense that Rico Nasty continues to rap about her come up. This song specifically expresses how Rico is focused on elevating her success and does not allow room for comparisons between herself and others. That leads to “Hatin” that samples Jay Z’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.” Rico speaks about being a flourishing artist while encouraging women not to give men the power to hinder their success with lyrics,

“If you feeling like a boss bitch, go'n
Go to the club, leave that n*gga at home
If you got your own shit, you ain't ever gotta listen to him, girl
N*ggas be hatin' on bitches”

“Big Titties” is a hype song that centers on Rico Nasty’s fame and originality. The song features Baauer, an American record producer who is well-known for his hit song “Harlem Shake” and EARTHGANG, a hip hop duo from Atlanta.

The Nasty World skit, though very entertaining, feels more like a segue to the second part of the album with slower tempos. “Relative” and “Mood” convey a message about clout chasers who pose to be friends with Rico as a result of her popularity. That leads to “Sell Out” which is my favorite record on this project for many reasons. Lyrically, it is Rico Nasty’s most personal song on this album. She addresses her past, reassures her fans not to allow negativity to affect who they are, and she expresses how music became her outlet as a way to release her anger. It also represents that Rico Nasty stays true to herself despite her new-found fame as a successful rap artist. The chorus says,

“Yeah, I might sell out but I ain't no sellout
The kids stay around even though the doors let out
Had a lot of built-up anger that I had to let out
Lost a few friends, me and money never fell out”

“Again” is the perfect conclusion for what this album represents. As Rico Nasty rapped about her ultimate success for a majority of the album, this last song is about the sacrifices she has made to thrive in the music industry and how she plans to continue prospering.

After a month, Anger Management remains as one of my favorite rap albums this year and I am very excited to see what Rico Nasty has in store for her fans in the future.